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    2 days ago

    University to study Computer Science

      Computer Science is  well known and popular subeject Most youngsters might want to make…
    4 days ago

    The Linux Story-

    Linux -a free operating system developed by Linux Torvalds challenging major operating systems.
    1 week ago

    Selected WordPress Directory Plugins-by TechKhala

    In early days of internet, some people thought once you get connected to internet you…
    4 weeks ago

    DOS-Disk Operating System

    The DOS operating system was used in the 1980’s and it was developed by Microsoft.…
    September 12, 2021

    The Apple Story and Bill Gates

    The spectacular thing that revolutionized the world and not just world of IT was the…
    September 6, 2021

    The Apple Story and Fantastic Four

    While growing up Atari was the first TV game my dad bought for me. To…
    September 3, 2021

    10 top universities in the world for studying Computer Science

    Top universities to go for Computer Science. You want to study Software engineering or programming,…
    September 3, 2021

    5 Technologies that will come by 2030

    A video on technologies that wil  come within 2030. In 1984 I used to watch…
    September 3, 2021

    Pirates’ of Silicon Valley

    The Pirates of Silicon Valley is movie directed  by Martyn Burke. It was made 1999.…

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      DOS-Disk Operating System

      DOS-Disk Operating System

      Database Concepts & Overview

        September 3, 2021

        MySQL-The Open Source database that helped people

        The first database I came across was Microsoft SQL Server 7 but considering live work it was MySQL History of…
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