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Computer Science is  well known and popular subeject

Most youngsters might want to make it big in Information Technology. They want to make next Apple or AliBaba.

Thing is people who made these innovative technological companies making money, did not get their ideas from a text book or syllabus.

But Universities and school do make a difference to some extent. The main thing is passion, outside the school/university studies.

Linus Torvalds started programming at age 10. So, it is not always the school but persons motivation and zeal.

The market for technology and IT is growing.

To you should plan carefully since there a lot of IT professions as well demand.

Maybe you can start with studying:

  • Electronics Engineering -bachelors
  • Computer Science-Masters
  • MBA in MIS.

To be a businessman, an MBA helps since it tells you to look out for the speeding bus who is not following any traffic lights. Why should not a bus follow rule? No time to think, just make sure you are not on the road! This is called flexibility and you learn from experience or an MBA.

So, say you live in Bangladesh. What are our options.

  • BUET-try for that.
  • Next IBA, get an MBA.

Or In Private University try:

  • Ahsanullah University of Science and technology. Get your Electronics Engineering degree.

Next getting Masters in Computer Science.

Try first:

  • RVCE Banglore
  • IIT Madras.

Or else try Germany.

  • TUMB-Technical University of Munch.
  • Technical University of Berlin.


  • Peking University.


  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University


  • Monash University

After you get a masters in computer science try working in

  • Xioami
  • Samsung
  • AliBaba
  • Sony

For 2-3 years.

Next get an MBA in MIS or general MBA from

  • IIM Ahmedabad, India
  • IIM Kolkata
  • University of Houston (UH), USA.
  • Harvard, USA
  • Purdue
  • Rice, Texas
  • SUNY, Buffalo
  • UT Austin.


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