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React JS- learn it and earn high amount

React JS is a Java Script Framework which is used by popular social media such as Facebook. It is one of the most popular UI framework.

                Into to JS

JS is JavaScript. I used to think that JS and Java were related some 20+ years ago. Then I found out not. I was a backend programmer: php. (Not like I wanted tp. I wanted to start programming professionally in Java).  But got a job helping a senior programmer build a shopping cart in php. That was twenty plus tears ago in SE Asia(then technologically deprived of many ways). We built a cart using php3 raw code, no framework.

React JS is a framework of Java Script. Before learning React you have to learn Java Script.

Brief look at Java Script

Learn first HTML first.

Let us look into Java Script:

Before getting into programming backend, learn C. Then it would become easier. The green color are the variables declared in a JavaScript. The semicolon is the full stop.

Variables and Datatypes

Declaring a variable:

var ;

Note that the semi colon is optional.

We declare a variable with the var keyword. As in C, C++,Java.

To declare a in Java we do following

int age=15;

int is data type.

age is variable name.

14 is variable value.

In Java script we do not have to write the data type.

Here two examples in Java:

Example 1:

int x=5;

int y=10;

int sum=x=y;

System.out.println(sum); //outputs 15

In Java; is mandatory.


We want do this in Java Script.(Example 1 in Java Script).That would be :

var x=5;
var y=10;
var sum=x+y;
document. write(sum);

This above line executes the Java Script. So how we see the out put.

One is in a web page:




JavaScript frameworks-Techkhala

Example 2:
This example will be dealing with string.
In Java:
String str=” Welcome to Techkhala”;
System.out.println. (str);

In JS we do this like this. But before we go further, a thing about declaration of variable to be said.
Instead of using var keyword there is using of let keyword. This was introduced in 2015. The variables that were declared with let cannot be redeclared.
let carn1 = “Toyota”; // Double quotes;
let carn2 = ‘Audi’;

You can either use single or Double quotes.
let lenghtstr=carn2.length // length of string 2.(carn2)

We talk about the DOM model. This the way objects in a web document is arranged.


DOM Model

The DOM model is similar like the Visual Studio ‘s C# or VB uses. 

In Java Script , Accessing elements :


To use this ID, the HTML element must have a ID attribute.

<div id=”dvtechkhala”>Get TechKhala by ID</div>


const techID = document.getElementById(‘dvtechkhala);

The id is stored in a constant declared as techID.

After that we could change the properties ,say color. = ‘2px  solid green’;


Thanks to Digital Ocean for the above and you can read the rest here. These guys are a standard to follow in the web.

The thing is along with JS you have to know following :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • DHTML.

Yes there is Udemy. Ok ,Techkhala want to make money from blogs but as a developer I do sympathize with programmers who just started and do not have much money.

I never thought of teaching until now, I used do that once but not in IT. That is physically tutor few students. That is why TekTrain was created. If you want basic programming online classes pls write to

The best place to learn about HTML and above would be  as a course

Educative ,it is free.

There are others but you have to look for them.

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Why you should learn React ?

It is very easy to build applications using React and maintain them too.

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The Pay is high

One of the most highest paying jobs. About 120 K per year.

Great Community

There is a great community for React.

Mobile and VR Applications

Mobile and VR applications can also be built with React.

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<script> var x=5; var y=10; var sum=x+y; document.write(sum); </script>