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Amazon is a name I heard in 1998 back when life and world was still safe and nice. In Dhaka the internet was 80 BDT/ hour for surfing. There was a cyber cafe called Bus Planet in Dhanmondi. (one the good areas with trees). They used to charge around 80 BDT per hour.

I heard was some guy called Jeff who started a bookshop in a garage. Who cares?

We were interested in Yahoo! ,and when I heard it I was like Yahoo of Gulliver Travels?.

Gulliver Travels if you did not know is a great book by Jonathan Swift. If you haven’t read it,pls do and do not look for shortcuts!

Then I knew these guys had an email service.

Later on I tried Amazon but did not have a good website ,so it did not work. But I was kind of very eager to get amazon affiliates in Bangladesh.!

I even heard Amazon was coming to Bangladesh in 2019 but that did not happen.

How I get to be an Amazon Affiliate in Bangladesh?

I did some research and I think best site would be Neil Patel’s

First have a look at his site : then do other things .

  1. Think of a niche or topic you are good in. You are good in management but you hear Fashion is a great niche in Amazon Affiliate ,don’t choose like that. Choose the topic you are good in. (Amazon Affiliates has to support the topic too).
  2. Design a good Logo by a good designer, (or you can get from us at affordable prices).
  3. Think of a good name for your blog.
  4. Register your site and take hosting around:2 GB.(cost :2500 BDT/Year).
  5. Try to get a SSL for the domain.
  6. Install WordPress, latest.
  7. Install an attractive theme (you are wondering ,I am not earning a cent or Paisa in this case,how do I buy a wordpress theme. ) Get a Free theme! Choose ThemeGrill.
  8. Arrange your Menus
  9. Make sure you have the following links and policies. Details are given below.
  10. Create a facebook page.
  11. Install must have plugins: UPDraftPlus(back up plugin) before proceeding any further!!
  12. Then Also install a security plugin:
  13. Write about 10 posts
  14. Make sure all links on the home page do lead to dead ends!

Run your site for about 5 to 6 months or at least 4 months with a regular post.

Then apply by following this link: and complete after registering and signing in.Give your details and your exact address.

What you might not have is a TIN certificate.

Now to get a TIN certificate you have to apply online.

  • Register
  • Give your phone number
  • Create your TIN
  • Wait a few days.


Remember  to have your Bangladeshi TIN (Tax Identification Number ) beforehand,  that is before you apply for the Amazon Affiliates.

Why should you apply for Amazon Affiliates?

The Bengali famous question :What is my profit?

 You can earn around 1000$ per month in Bangladesh ,that is :85000 BDT per month with investing around 2500 BDT per year plus 6000 BDT on posts if you can write posts on your own.

 But income of 70 K :70,000 US $ is possible if your traffic is from North America and Europe.

This depends on your digital strategy or planning. It is like this: you have a destination and budget so you plan you want to take a cab (CNG or Uber  for Bangladeshis )  or hop on the subway.

Since everyone  is sitting at home as told by their respective  governments  waiting for what I do not know. Now is a good time to think of being an Amazon Affiliates.


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