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DOS-Disk Operating System Commands

Prior to windows er used DOS.

DOS stands for Disk Operating System.

IDDOS CommandFunction
TKD0001dirshows Directory or folders.
TKD0002dir/wOrganized directory
TKD0003exitClose program
TKD0004copy *.txt d:\copies all text files in current directory to D drive.
TKD0005clsclear screen
TKD0006chdirchange directory
TKD0007colorchange background of screen
TKD0009deletedelete files
TKD0010diskcopycopies from one disk to another
TKD0011diskcompcompare contents from one drive to another.
TKD0012formatdeletes a hard disk
TKD0013fixbootfixes a boot sector
TKD0014ftpsend data by ftp
TKD0015mdcreate directory
TKD0016mkdircreate directory
TKD0017netstatshow TCP/IP information
TKD0018systransfers system files to another computer
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