The founder and inventor of Linux is Linus Torvalds. He is Swedish but from Finland. Whilst studying in University of Helsinki 1991, he wanted to create his own Operating System.

Initially in 1987 he bought a Sinclair QL with his saving. That was commendable. Linus had enrolled in his first C language course in 1990. This shows “C is the mother of all languages” and the creativity that it inspires in a programmer. When you are an expert in C, you feel like you can create anything.’(in IT world).

The Following well Operating System:

  • Unix-C
  • MS-DOS- X86 and later in C.
  • Windows-C and some assembly.
  • Linux-C and assembly
  • Macintosh-Objective C. This OS came in 1988. The first OS they used was Apple DOS which was developed. Then they used a OS named System 1-Systeem 7, until in 1988 they introduces Macintosh.

Linus Trovalds may owe his interest in computers and programming to his grandfather. His grandfather had a Commodore VIC-20 so by age 10 he was already proficient in operating system.

So why he invented Linux?

Linus invented Linux, since he wants less restrictions in using the OS. He was using DOS with a PC and whilst in university he developed the Linux kernel. The OS he wanted in his machine was UNIX, but did not have the money for it.

The advantages of Linux:

  • Any body with knowledge of Coding or programming can change and customize Linux.
  • Secure- It is very secure in comparison to some operating systems ,if not completely secure.
  • Free
  • Lightweight-require minimum of 128 MB of RAM.
  • Stability
  • Performance-High performance
  • GUI
  • Usage of USB/CD.
  • Networking
  • Privacy.

The main difference that makes Linus Trovalds a legend is that

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OS used in Desktop and Laptop :20121

Chrome OS
OS NameYear Invented/FoundedFounderEducationBirthDate
Unix1971Dennis RitchieHarvard UniversitySept 9,1941
Unix1972Ken ThompsonUniversity of California,BerkleyFeb 4,1943
CP/M1974Gary KiddallUniversity of WashingtonMay 19,1942
Apple1979Steve WozniakUniversity of Colorado(not completed)Aug 11,1950
MS-DOS1980Bill GatesHarvard UniversityOct,1955
MS-Windows1985Bill Gates, Paul AllenHarvard University,
Washington University
Jan 21,1955
Linux1991Linus TorvaldsUniversity of Helsinki28 Dec,1969
Popular inventors of Operating System and their background.

Linus Torvalds  Says:

“Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done.”

-Linus Torvalds


Linux autobiography

Just for Fun-Linux story

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Linux is very stable , secure, virus free operating system as wells free.

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"Encourage creativity in Kids.

My elder son aged 7 asked me what he needs to know to enter Apple .I told him to start Linux. He flatly said No.

He wants to learn Apple ..MACOS that is."


But that story is for later. Prior to reading this post you should read Apple story.

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