In early days of internet, some people thought once you get connected to internet you make money. It is like the internet gives you free money. Well yeah, some sites if you click the ads. Thanks to Google for commercializing the process.

Well the netizens or internet users matured and we are looking at WordPress.

WordPress is like Windows to website users and normal people. Normal people can make websites like normal people can use PC. Maybe Microsoft might think off adding some tweaks (if they acquire it)to WordPress that is :

Combine Laravel and WordPress so that:

  • No security problems
  • No Internal Server Errors-500
  • Other errors due to Spams, hackers.

I mean yeah sure Microsoft deals with .NET, C# and what not. Maybe we won’t get free WordPress! Just being reminded about Oracle’s takeover of MySQL. Really hurt as a PHP programmer. It is I did not want to become a PHP programmer. It was more like PHP programmer by job.!

Now, good thing since Java was acquired by Oracle. I wanted to become a Java Programmer or C++ programmer. But jobs were not found in 2003.related to C++.

Any way we are going to discuss few Word Press Directory Plugins., I have used.

First of all, What is directory and Why would I want to build one in Word Press.

Ever heard of a telephone directory, like Yellow Pages. Well directory is keeping records of people and businesses: phone and address.


  1. Geo Directory

Plugin Website

Word Press Website

This directory plugin I have used few times and say I like it.

Price: Free.

Catch: You pay for addons. Sounds reasonable. There is no free lunch in the world.


  • Works with any Theme or Page Builder.
  • Front add listing and add.
  • Business Hours.
  • Search by Proximity
  • Rating and Reviews.
  • Showing Videos in Lightboxes
  • Other features and plugins. (Some free and most you pay.)
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

The Whole bundle costs $199- and 1-year free support.

So you buy whole bundle and you are not earning cent in your blog. No.


  • Install free plugin from WordPress dashboard.
  • Add free add on
  • Make directory after you built the WordPress Site.
  • Once you earn money in your blog especially from the directory. Then use that money to buy the add ons.

Working Demo

Well, it is their website and they always make it to look good.


Here is one well-known Foodie and Recipe website which is using GeoDirectory Plugin.

Foodie Website Demo.

Rating by Techkhala

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This plugin is another free plugin which has paid addons. It has almost everything for Free.

Price :Free.

This plugin lets you design your search as well form. But it is Free.

The features are as follows:

  • Advanced Form Builder-Drag and Drop.
  • Multi Directory.
  • Easy Import-meaning import from MS-Excel.
  • Short Code Friendly.
  • CSV Bulk Importer
  • Unlimited Custom Fields (even in Free)
  • Powerful Search Filters. (you can build filters).
  • Front End Add and Submission
  • WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin.
  • Easy Translation, including Arabic

Word Press Website.

Plugin Website

This plugin I have started using recently. I love it so far.  It has all the features I was thinking and free. After you start making money in your site/blog, I would recommend buying it.

The Pro membership are per year starting from:


For pricing information visit their site.

Demo in another Heritage site.

The rating by TechKhala is not a complete verdict since not all directory plugins  have used. The choice for installing was by looks, experience and features.

Rating by TechKhala

Simple Business Directory(SBD)

Simple Business Directory- It is one of the first directories used. I can say it is simple with no advanced features and can simply list businesses with their website and addresses.

Price: Free


  • Simple info like Name, email, website  can be easily added.

if you want to add a directory easily and quickly ,this is the one.

WordPress Plugin  site.

Plugin Demo.

There is a pro one starting  for

33 US$/year.

SBD is short name.

They also have another plugin called Simple link Directory, called SLD. SLD has a pro version for $28/year.





The SBD is comparatively cheaper in price but has lot of features. You can try them out if you looking for fast and simple WordPress directory plugin.


The conclusion is a directory in a website is means to earn money.

Some ways :

  • Paid Listings.
  • Featured Listings
  • Banner
  • Sponsored Content.

Other benefits not discussed in this post but can have look here.


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