I have advised in Quora about which languages to learn  in order to become a good programmer. Now days so many programming languages and you want to start quick. What do you do? Languages like:
  • Java
  • C++
  • C
  • PHP
  • Python
  • HTML
Well yeah. Keep in mind you want to become a programmer first. Not a coder. PHP and HTML are not exactly a programmer’s language.  So what do you do? Look no further.

I started off with Java. Great, no way!  I did not understand a thing except copy and pasting code. Then afterwards parts of the puzzle.  I knew the problem ,it was I started off with Java. That was the mistake!

I remembered :

C is the mother of all languages.


I exactly did not know what it meant but I knew my first programming language should have been C.

Well after 2 years I again started to learn C.  Things looked very easy after I comprehended the language. It is like I loved the language for its sake.

Then moved on to C++. Not much similarity except in techniques but many things common with Java.

Java was once  FREE and open source when it was owned by Sun Microsystems. Now it is owned by Oracle




Learn C

You must start with C. There are no options if you want to become a good programmer.


Learn C++

Next thing is to learn C++


Learn Java

After C++ Learn Java. It wont take long say about three weeks.

Books are important but there is so many resources in the internet. The internet in a way is free compared to twenty years ago when you paid by the hour.

A book I would recommend :

Let Us C. It is a book by .

Recommended Book

Let Us C

Movies for inspiration in Programming.

You need inspiration and zeal to work in IT  industry. It is not enough that you need a job that pays. You have to love programming.  So relax look at movies or read a book on Programming and Silicon Valley. 

There is lot of interesting stories in the world of technology. You have internet and Google is your helper. You can search there everything.

Read them. My entry into IT was watching TV Show like:

  • Bit and Bytes  A TV show to teach PC and computers to normally people.
  • Whiz Kids This  was a TV drama on couple kids interested in hacking. Getting into a remote computer using a Modem and phone. IT was a TV serial made in 1983 and ran to 1984.

Apart from Text books you have to read outside your university courses.

Read Magazines like:

  • CHIP- Hardware Magazine, discussing latest trends in computer gadgets and accessories. Src.
  • WIRED.    Src.
  • CALL APPLE. This was magazine was found in 1978. Src

There are other magazines which you can search in internet. Just Do IT-Read IT magazines in any way ,either physically or PDF or internet subscription.

Do this before studying or whilst in University but does not benefit afterwards that much.

Studying Computer Science

Where will you study?

Play Video

You want to make a career in Computer Programming and IT industry. May be the next TECH FRUIT. Well you see Apple is a creative stylish tech company that changed the world.

Here some hints:

  • 4 Years CSE from any reputed University.

But considering the IT Market.

You have to plan since technology is changing every two years.

Maybe war comes and your CSE degree wont help much since there is no Electricity.

In that case Create technology not  based in Electricity. Maybe more efficient Solar Energy. Magnify solar energy 1000 times or more and use it in technological equipment’s.

Don’t think it is a crazy idea. I had an idea in 2011 which I talked about in a coffee shop.


Wireless charging Of Mobile Phones.


Now it is a reality!



Step 1

Study BSc./BTech in Electronics Engineering

Study from a reputed or recognized University .

Step 2

Study MTech in CSE

Study from a reputed or standard place. Like IIT Bombay or Manipal. But qualifying might be difficult. You can get an MTech from a private university too.

Choose Quality

Initially Choose Quality. Mr. Jain talks it in his video.
In Summary-To be a programmer
In a nutshell 1.Have A passion for Programming/Tech. 2.Get a fours degree in CSE or B.Tech in EEE or Electronics Eng. 3. Get a a Masters in CSE or Masters/MBA in MIS. That is if degree is in CSE go for MBA otherwise MTech in CSE.

Plan B

It is always good to have a Plan B. Suppose there was no technology and we suddenly go back to time where computers are not invented or IC.

What do you do?

Learn a skills that does not require technology.

apple, smartphone, desk-1282241.jpg

All Roads lead to Rome

.Plan carefully before hand what you want to do. Mistakes might happen but if you know where you are going you will eventually reach there.

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