The first database I came across was Microsoft SQL Server 7 but considering live work it was MySQL

History of MySQL

Those days were good when most good software was for free. (2002-2010).

MySQL was open-source database management system(dbms) created by a Swedish company named MYSQL AB in 1995.

MySQL was acquired by Sun Micro Systems for US$1 Billion. The Software developers were hopeful since Java was developed by Sun Micro Systems, somewhere in 1995. Developers, especially Web Developers until Oracle bought Sun Micro Systems.

Sun Micro Systems was bought by Oracle for US$7.4 Billion.

Moral: Most corporates are buying anything that is good.

Technical Aspect Sun

MySQL was developed using C and C++. That should be a reason you should start with C whilst programming.

Present status

MySQL is owned by Oracle.

Technical Details

The way to start MySQL, in the perspective of the future Software Developer would be starting with command line. That is you really want to learn MySQL well. You have GUI and lot of other graphical interfaces. Don’t go for them.

The first thing is to install MySQL in Windows. Though from the perspective of a developer I would say use Linux Operating System.

The Basics of MySQL

Installing MySQL Shell or command Line in Windows10.

  1. Link:
  2. Choose Windows (x86, 64-bit), MSI Installer
  3. Click link” No thanks, just start my download
  4. Install.

Running your first command:

  1. MYSQL JS>show databases;

Gives you an error:

” SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Make sure you get the error. 😊

2.Type:”\ sql”

3.You get the MySQL SQL format.

Get connected ,learn the hard way how to connect. Then you can learn something.

Much has happened since 2010. This is when I departed the Software and Database scene and went to Graphics Design Marketing.

We assume you have connected with MySQL Server and server working well.

We are using XAMPP with MariaDB.

You should try on MySQL server ,download from Oracle’s site.

Basics of SQL in MySQL.

  1. Get version of MySQL server you are using. Select  version();
  2. You get the Version. Record in a MS word file and save as pdf.
  3. We see databases in the server.

show databases;

You get list of databases. Just do it ,and not depend on the internet for all answers. We did not do that all the time.

There is a database called test.


use test;

You want to see records from test.


show tables;

You will not find any tables.

Creating table

  • create table masons_tbl(
    masons_name VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
     masons_phone INT(10) NOT NULL,
    area VARCHAR(30),
    PRIMARY KEY ( masonsi_id )

Your table is created.

  • Type :show databases;
  • Type :show tables;
  •  Type :select * from table table_masons;

The table masons  is about list of masons working in my house and their data

MySQL quick facts



  1. MySQL was developed by Swedish company MySQL AB. Founded by David Axmark and Allan Larson.
  2. MySQL was written in C and C++.
  3. Since Oracle bought MySQL ,Maria DB was created based on open source MySQL by Widenius.
  4. largest MysQL users are :Google,Apple,Amazon and Digg.

Get Started

Capabilities of MySQL

What can you do with MySQL.

It is almost everything you can with Oracle or SQL server, except it is light weight and easier to install as well as manage.

I have used MySQL as a developer for about 8 years and really loved it.

Some things loved were:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • MySQL

PHP was more like I got a job as junior developer and programming language was PHP.

I have grown to love PHP ,it is more like traditional marriage.

Technical aspects:

  • easy to use
  • scalable
  • compatible with many Operating Systems.
  • Platform independent

These are some of the features and it does have limitations.




NameMySQLMicrosoft SQL ServerOracle
Version8.0.26, July 2021 SQL Server 201919c, February 2019

The MySQl was free before Oracle took it and now it is really expensive. The thing is that the capabilities have improved much but thing is the common developer initially cannot afford it .

Unless you have business model it is not wise of purchasing MySQL Server, instead option would be to download MariaDB.

It is still free and operates a open source software.


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