Jobs happens to be one most creative person in the world of technology but I came to know a lot later. For that I regret it much.

He was half Syrian and half American. Some one like Frank who was half Sudani and half Canadian. (His mum was Canadian). Frank is to study in school with me in Manarat Jeddah. Yeah, same school Huma Abedin wen except ours was a boys school.

We grew up in the 1980’s and that was really cool. Creative, fun and different music.

The days of great personalities:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Michael Jackson
  • Zico-Brazilian football player
  • Maradona. Yup, saw the match live on TV. The infamous goal!

My interest in computers began in later 1980’s “1986. The year Microsoft made its mark.

So fast forward present times:2021. (Something like or Present.)

Back to the Future

I was watching a movie in Netflix on Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs and my eldest son was watching it too. I did not realize. He some how got interested in Steve jobs. But before that he was interested in iPhone. Since he got a got it as a two-year-old. Though it was not operational(intentionally). I still did not understand in his awe an zeal about iPhone!

Mobiles I use Android and I think Xiaomi is pretty good for value. Prior to using Xiaomi, I have used:

  • Nokia 1100C -experience great UNSMART
  • Samsung blue screen. cannot say, it got stolen and got grounded! UNSMART
  • Nokia 5810- great, loved it. Bought so I could develop an app using NetBeans. I did test out a sample but then it was Symbian OS. Somewhere in 2008 or later.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3- Great but charge did not stay. So experience was not very well.
  • Huawei-Nice phone but my son placed inside a bucket full of water. Tried to fix it but could not.
  • Xiaomi (mi A1)- Great experience. Tested in IN and Outdoors. Fell few times on concrete floor. (Whilst travelling). Forgot in rented car and just shouted at the guy, but he drove off real fast.
  • Symphony-ok but starts problem after few months and no use fixing.
  • Presently using: Nokia 6.1. Ok(2 yrs. plus), hangs sometimes. Not great as 1100 c.

Well you can understand, never thought of buying iPhone. Nor did I thought of buying Apple in 1988 since it was too expensive! My add bough a IBM PC-XT. I think it was MYCOM.

So log story short. My son(7 yrs old) wants to become CEO of Apple. I told him that Steve Jobs died and the CEO is another person. He was like why did Steve Jobs hired Tim Cook? I told him that you know when Steve Jobs was leaving Apple, he told Tim Cook:” you are the captain”.

My son Umar asked me what happens when Tim Cook is no longer in Apple. I said I don’t know. He told me that when I join Apple as CEO, Tim Cook will tell to me(my son):”You are the best Captain!”

My son wrote a letter to Tim Cook which I promised to send. I did along a letter on my part. I sent it by DHL and received confirmation by DHl it was received by rection at Apple.

The tracking code for DHL:

1110514241. The DHL guys call it Waybill No.

I sent it to:

Tim Cook

1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California. 9510-0642

Shipment Date:1/11/2021.

“I did tweet from Techkhala my Techblog Twitter iD:

I sent a letter by post, actually on behalf of my son to


by #DHL.

Hope he gets it”

Twitter link.

Steve Jobs once as kid called HP for electronics parts. I hope Tim Cook replies just as to give an answer to my son who is waiting. Or he will be heart broken as he is optimistic about Apple.

My questions to apple would be:

  • Did reception of Apple deliver Physical letter (sent by DHL) to Tim Cook,CEO,Apple?
  • Did Tim Cook read the letter?
  • Can my son expect any answer? He asks if Tim Cook replied.




Dhaka, Bangladesh

Twitter :email
Planning letter to Apple
7 year old curious about Steve Jobs
Son asks :how Tim Cook came into Apple
The future is uncertain: Apple going?
Movie on Steve Jobs

Let us hope Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Replies.

It all started when I was planning to write on Apple:

The Apple Story.

First part of Story.

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