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How to become a good Programmer?

Brief guidelines for a good software engineer

Programming has become more popular nowadays and youngsters as young as class 3 to 4 have started to learn programming in some sort of way. Though I personally don’t prefer since working with screens from an young age is not advisable. You need to do something physically like playing soccer or basketball.

But that is a different issue here.

There are sometimes young programmers ask how to be a good programmer or which programming language to learn first.

If you want to be a good programmer in the future yes surely there must be a path.

I would suggest the following in my opinion and experience.

The first thing when coming to world of programming with intent to become a software engineer or programmer is to have few qualities:

  • Be calculative.
  • Be logical.
  • Have a good mathematical skill.
  • Patience to work long hours
  • Honest

If you are thinking of working in a future job, working from 9-5, then quit. Programming as career is not for you.

Stepwise learning Programming

  1. Learn C first. Like it or not this is where you start.
  2. Spend 6 months on it and another 6 months practicing it.
  3. Learning C++. Spend a year on it. Complete some projects.
  4. Learn Java-spend 3-4 weeks on it learning. It would appear simple since you already knew C++. Do not break the order in my opinion. It does not what great programming languages are there.
  5. Next learn what ever language is in the market of your choice.

A good choice would be Python programming language.

It is like this if you miss out steps 1-3, it is like missing out Arithmetic and trying to learn Algebra to a bit.

My advice is while doing programming have a glass of milk and good nutritious food. You are going to need them.

C is mother of languages, if you do not know the basics You are actually starting from intermediate level. You should choose this no matter what. The university might not be offering. And I am studying for example in University of Texas at Austin. It still does not matter, if you cannot program, you cannot. Do not confuse this skill with a branded university. Actually, it is your personal problem.

Learn C prior starting C++, even you to learn from a private Tutor. Trust me on this, I have been through this path.

History of C:

C was invented by Dennis Ritchie in Bell labs of AT &T. Wow never knew AT&T is famous for this. They provide calling card services as I know. The Language was developed to overcome B language, etc.

C is still used as there are benefits to it:

  • IOT
  • Making compilers
  • Develop Databases
  • Embedded systems
  • Developing Operating System

Some well-known made by C

Adobe Photoshop, a leading software in Photo editing software used C to help design its’ GUI or Graphical User Interface.

Google File System– made by a mixture of C and C++.

Creation of Compiler Design-like Dev C

MySQL -an open-source database was made using C and C++.

Linux was made in C and Assembly

These are actually inspiring young programmers to actually learn C and love it.

I felt love of C’ when working with it. It gives you idea of creating’ from Scratch.

History of C++

C++ language was developed in Bell Laboratories of AT&T, too! The language was invented by Bjarne Stroustrup.

C++ is enhanced C with feature of Object-Oriented Programming. C programs are als0 valid in C++.

Once you know these two programming languages you can learn any language or have confidence to do any kind of programming languages. You are eager and ready to take challenges in programming.

Applications of C++

Some of the areas where C++ is used are:

  • Operating Systems-Windows
  • Browsers
  • Games
  • Banking
  • Graphics

There are other areas in which they are used.

A brief career plan in Computer Science:

  • In 10+2 classes make sure you have: Math’s and Physics.
  • Enroll in Computer Science. (4 years).
  • Practice C, C++ and Java.
  • Read Tech and Software magazines in free time
  • Test yourself by submitting Projects. This is an assessment of your programming skills.
  • Finish Degree.
  • Get a job as a Programmer or junior Programmer in a software company or any company.

Work for two years at least preferably in Java or C++. (Or C).

This kind of plan will give you strong platform for your programming career. (in my opinion as a programmer).

Thing is you have to love programming and not just because it pays or fame attached with it. (or honor).


This is a very brief guide line on to be a good programmer. You really have to love it because there might be times when you are faced with storm’ and pressures in work and you are not paid enough? What do you do leave?

These are things you have to be prepared for.

Money or business

You want to be a business man. That is cool. Take some course:

  • MIS: Management and Information Systems OR
  • MBA.
  • Work as Human Resources Manger to Programmers. This really help managing people.
  • Work as Team Leader or Project Manager.
  • Work in Industry for 15-20 years.

You don’t have to follow this plan; you can be a businessman before but it certainly helps.

Some TV series as inspiration(1980s):

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