Google Business Suite Google has the only word in SEO or Search Engine Optimization. There was a time I used to wonder it is. In simple words, getting your website of page in Search engine, especially Google. If a client wants to look for your business, he usually searches in Google or maybe be Bing. Twenty years ago, there was Alta Vista, Yahoo, Lycos. Google was just one of the many search engines. The trend was search in Alat vista one day, next day in Lycos, third day was in Google. But now any day you search in Google. We are not going to story of Google in this post. The list of Google’s services are various and they are adding other services at intervals. The Chrome has monopolized the internet and is moving traffic towards google. They are successful in creating a virtual world with along Facebook. We talk about Google Business suite. This suite promotes your business. Since everybody is searching for anything in Google. Business included. This suite being from Google in many ways helps business. How to use it:/ The steps as follows:
  • Get a Gmail account (assuming you have one).
  • Go to
  • Sign in using your email and password. But this will be your business Gmail account. If you don’t have one you create another gmail account.
Once signed in You give a name for you store and chose the relevant category. You have to agree to policies of Google. Either you agree or not, it does not matter. You have to accept to use their services. We show some of the steps in creating a Business Profile. Once done you you can update posts.  


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.After Completing things like company name /place name address.

Updating Logo and other information . You ready to go except there is verification done by Google to ensure physically you have place .

A post by Hootsuite will make things clearer and why you should in 2022 create a Google Business Profile. The thing with Digital marketing is they are interconnected somehow.  You have to understand what affiliates are for example.

Google Business profile can be thought of as Google’s Linkedin. Since promoting business is through online now days and SEO focuses on Google. It is good idea to make your free Google Business Profile.


What is A Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile is explained in below video. We started of assuming most people know what it is. But for Digital Marketing let us know.

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This post is an introduction to Google Business  Profile. For More Professional Digital marketing services contact Techkhala via Facebook page.


Neil Patel is good place to start SEO and basics of digital marketing.

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