FTP Creation and Specific Directory access

Many times FTP creation can be a hassle and giving ftp to someone(developer) outside your company or home. You are giving important and confidential files.

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FTP means File Transfer Protocol. Many times, it is beneficial to use FTP, that is when you do not want give cPanel access to a developer.


We login to the cPanel address given by the hosting company you bought your hosting from.Dealing with websites and technical info, create another Gmail address. Do not mix personal info with technical info.Create an email mycompany@gmail.com or any other name. Have all your technical info sent to this address. Believe me you will have thousands of emails and usually we don’t delete so over a period mixed with personal: Harry’s email, your bank info combined with technical email. It can be thousands of emails. When you need certain email, takes ages. This is why the suggestion for separation of email. Use Gmail since even after 10 years you will find the email.

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Gmail -popular email now-2022

cPanel Main area-FTP Creation

FTP has many uses and is widely used all over the world.

Advantage One

Transfer huge quantity of files quickly

Advantage Two

Faster than http protocol.

Advantage Three

Supported in all hosts

The Main issue-FTP Access to certain domain or folder in cpanel.

The task
You have a web hosting with few sites in same hosting. You want to give access in FTP to a  developer in a remote location .
The user’s name or root will be like:Mazax.

Sites are:
• Deftech.com
• Visionkid.com
• fashionc.com
• Mazaxkidsplatform.com(main)

When you have more than one site in same hosting, they have one main site under which all other sites are sub directories. The hosting provider won’t give you a large user name for your main site.
They most probably give you :mazax as user name . Directory in cpanel will be :

mazax will contain a sun folder Mazaxkidsplatform.com.
and rest sites as sub folders.

The thing is we want to give specific user to a specific site say: fashion.com.

This is by FTP.

The advantages of giving in FTP are various. But we do not discuss in this post.

1.Creating FTP user.
The first step is to create FTP user.
Go to cPanel.
1. Chose FTP under Files Section in FTP.
2. Click FTP then you are taken to another page.
3. Click Create FTP.

You will be shown a dialog box.

FTP area is found in cPanel under the Files section. It is marked with a green arrow. Just click the tuck icon.

FTP area-Step1

Once under the FTP area you can create a FTP user.

There are 6 main steps.

  • 1. You give an user name
  • 2. Domain *
  • 3.Password
  • 4.Confirm Password
  • 5. Password strength make sure greater than 80
  • 6. Directory. (important)


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This Is the Most important part.

Here you have to be careful since you cannot edit after user has been created. 

Here it will be given like this:

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The address before the line you cannot change. Its a text box to fill in directory you wat to give.

It would be :


You are done. Great!

Filling out User Info


The user name should be chosen say like devC or your choice in step1.

User name will be as :devc@domain.com.Domain -which one to chose.? You are probably hosting one site. 

In this case main site is: Mazaxkidsplatform.com.

Domain would be:

Step 2.


user name would be :

Step 1




The  final step is Step 6.


The black part is unchangeable. You cannot change or dont need. The purple color is where you need to write correct address.


Briefly setting FTP Information

FTP user will be as follows:

user@domain.com.In this case user is: devC and domain is :Mazaxkidsplatform.com

Domain will be the domain you have bought from the hosting company.

In this case :Mazaxkidsplatform.com.

Although you want to give access to a FTP user to a site hosted named fashionc.com

This is most important part.

The address would be :


NOT home/mazax/mazaxkidsplatform.com.

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Backup your data just in case. Especially the domain or folder you are giving access to external users.

FTP protocol
File sharing in internet

FTP Software

Before creating FTP users install a FTP software.


Who Invented FTP?

FTP is great but who invented it? Have you wondered.

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