Creating a USB Bootable Disk

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Creating a USB Bootable Disk

Your Windows OS  has crashed. Or you have to reinstall fresh Windows after clearing your C drive.

  • Backup Files

    Windows Reinstall -Setup again

    TKKB0001.1.1 You have to reinstall Windows. In this case You need to format C Drive. C Drive you cannot format whilst inside Windows OS. Things to do before formatting C Drive. Copy desktop items and say place in folder fldrDesktop in another drive F. Copy My documents in a folder called fldrDocs_(your name). Copy all…Read More

  • Configure BIOS

    Go to BIOS

    After Restarting BIOS Press F10 key  or ESC key(for HP Computers). Enter BIOS Settings.  Move cursor to BOOT menu. But you have to use keyboard arrow keys. (lower right).  There are four choices . Pick Removable Devices. Save by pressing "Save Changes". NOTE! Place your removable USB or hard disk and attach to pace before…Read More

  • Restart PC

    Restart the PC(windows)

    Restart the PC Restart the PC but you have to make sure these things are done:   You have Windows Bootup CD or Removable USB drive with Windows Bootable files. An Anti Virus Like Kaspersky.

  • Download MS TOOL

    Creating a Bootable Windows Disk in USB Drive

    We are assuming you have met the requirements mentioned earlier. The steps are as follows: Visit following Microsoft site's official link:  Please watch in our YouTube channel link. Once downloaded open the downloaded file. A dialog box will appear. Make sure you have a PC with high speed internet connection.  This process will take about…Read More

  • Choose Location

    Portable USB – Bootable Windows

    One You opened the application you downloaded. It  is known as Media Creation Tool. [caption id="attachment_2500" align="alignnone" width="300"] Fig 1.0[/caption] Accept the Microsoft Agreement once you scroll down. After clicking Next you come to next Window :Fig 2.0. [caption id="attachment_2502" align="alignnone" width="300"] Figure 2.0[/caption] 3.Click Next after choosing 2nd choice :"Create installation media.." [caption id="attachment_2503"…Read More

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