Developing an Ecommerce Site in WordPress

So you want to develop an Ecommerce site in WordPress. That’s Great.

There are some Pros and Cons that should be studied before beginning or jumping to it.


  • Easy to build
  • Fast
  • Easy to maintain for normal non tech persons


  • Security breach may happen
  • Updates occasionally plugins
  • Spams and attacks are frequent.

Here are the steps for making an Ecommerce site.

  1. Why and for who are you making the site for?

Yes get a big fat notebook and start making notes. You have to decide whether the ecommerce store you are making is for a small business, personal or a corporate.

Some the thing to note:

  • No of products you are selling or hope to sell
  • Cost of development. What is your budget? If you are making for a corporate than your budget is high and you need high security. If answer is no your choices are narrowing down.
  • Do you have a software developer in your company? Or can you pay large amount for maintenance? If no than you should note the answer.
 No Of Products to Sell 
  1. Low b. High. c. Very High
 Budgeta.<1000$ b.>1000$ C.>5000$
  1. High b. Low
 IT Person
  1. Have b. Have to hire

It is not enough to develop the site. Say you have a friend who has developed the site for FREE! The thing you have to consider is maintenance of the site for rest 12 months or rest of the years you using the site. You need an IT expert. Maybe you say, that I can do it. Initially you can do that but later on you will be busy with the business itself.

The options will be out sourcing to a third company for maintenance. Apart from that their other options:

  • Magento-High security
  • Laravel Framework.
  • .NET Framework

The thing is all the above are expensive! If you budget falls in a category above than just go for WordPress.

After you made the choice record it.

2.Business Name and Branding. Do you already have a registered business? If NO, think about first getting a name and getting it registered.

Say your company’s name is ACME But to get the name your boundary should be set. If you are selling imitation Jewelry than your site will be some thing like Zaveri Collection and not ACME! Get a logo designed if you do not have.

3.Do you have a domain otherwise get a domain name registered.

4.Get hosting. How much size should you choose?

Ecommerce -choose something like 10 GB. If you are Asia, it is going to be expensive buy from Namecheap. Take their Managed WordPress Hosting. This is going to cost more. But it is cheaper than outsourcing maintenance.

The thing is initially you are not earning a buck so opt for Stellar Package which is shared hosting

Make sure you host just one domain, though you can host more.

Other things needed:

  • https Protocol
  • CDN

Once you have these you can get started for Ecommerce.


Multivendor Plugin Choice.

Dokan Logo
WC vendors

Technical part

  1. Install WordPress.
  2. In your notebook note the version. This is very important especially if you are non tech. The latest version is 5.8.2. Do not that use this version now, later. Use 5.8.1for now.
  3. Install WooCommerce

Making a Multi-Vendor Market place

Then you need Multivendor Plugins like

  • Dokan
  • WC MarketPlace
  • WC vendors

Install Dokan, later on you can chose a different that will suit your needs.

Chose a suitable theme.

We have chosen eMarket.

Choose a payment gateway plugin. For PayPal there are many. For Bkash (Based in Bangladesh) and PayTM based in India, there are few.

TechKhala Recommends these two plugins:

This what will get you started.


Ecommerce Site Development and Consultancy

Building an E-Commerce Store can be hassle for non Technical people. 

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