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Creating A Newsletter in WordPress

A Newsletter is kind of monthly magazine coming in your email. In real life when you subscribe to a magazine or organization. You do get an update in some sort of publication every month or quarterly.

The Newsletter gives you news about what is happening in the organization or whatever you have subscribed to.

Now the next question is: Why we need a Newsletter?

A newsletter is needed to share information with your audience, network or clients and keeping in touch with them.

Quick thoughts

Some thoughts for designing a newsletter.

  • Header-should reflect your audience
  • Logos-Logo of your organization
  • Image-Clear Photos based on your brand
  • Content-Reader should have easy and simple navigation with easy-to-understand content. Not super complex that you have to go and make him/her understand.

Building a Strong Subscriber List

You have to build a strategy to gain subscribers. They are your leads which may convert.

Frequency of Newsletter

The frequency of your newsletter should be usually monthly or at an interval so that subscribers do not feel overwhelmed with mail.

Design of a Newsletter.

A design of a newsletter has to look attractive. Now days the era of digital technology is even kids are not so charmed by simple designs.

Email marketing and newsletter go hand in hand.

Why do you need a Newsletter anyway?

Good question. Why do you need a newsletter anyway? It is necessary if your company or businesses needs clients. Newsletter gives you an exposure to people in a wider scale. Some what at personal level and at their pace. It connects the organization or website with the subscribers.

You need a digital marketing strategy in relation with your newsletter. That is a different topic.

How does Newsletter work?

This shows how a Newsletter works.

Newsletter service are provided by external websites but we discuss a plugin where you can control all of it.

We use MailPoet

  • So go to
  • Either download the Plugin or install from WordPress admin.
  • Register your website. Answer the questions carefully and they will approve.

This plugin is free uptil you get 1000 subscribers .


The Dashboard

Newsletter Creation



Add Subscriber


You can design the Form too.  A working site using MailPoet is Indica Collection.

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