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TechKhala- IT Aunt bringing Technology

Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business and Leave the Accounting to Me

TechKhala is an IT Aunt giving advise about Technology. IT does not have to be complicated. We can simply explain to people who do not know.

Questions about IT and counselling are done here. We do try to help.

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Technology is moving at a fast pace and we have to be updated about the latest programming languages and technology.

Programming languages like Python and Flutter are making a difference. Are we in touch with them.

We have to be fast ,also in learning as well implementing technologies. At same time focus should be on our health too.


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Some times you are not sure about some of the choices in technology. We try to help.

TechKhala-IT aunt

TechKhala is an technology aunt bringing you news and advice about technology. The Tech Kid is an IT administrator here in TechKhala who has vast experience IT :software ,HR management and IT Marketing.

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