4 essential WordPress Plugins needed for a new site.

We need websites and most businesses either have to develop a website or at least have a face book page.

Other than that, you won’t have much of a business, since everything is digital and online.

The quickest way is to develop your site by WordPress. That is the most popular way of making a site.

TechKhala has selected four Word Press Plugins that is essential for site developed using WordPress.


This plugin takes an instant backup and it can be saved in Google Drive, Drop Box or in Wp Directory. That is if you have space. But advisable to get a new account in Google or Drop Box, then attach with the plugin.

The backup is taken using the Backup Button. It gives you to take a backup by choosing either:

  • Plugins
  • Database
  • Themes
  • Uploads

one of the following or chose all.

There are no wp backup plugins, this good and reliable and that to FREE! It has been tested on several wp sites.

They also have option for taking backup of multiple word press sites. You make an account and from there you can control various sites backup from one central dashboard. That might have a cost. This plugin is just after you install word press. Don’t delay. Learned the hard way and found Updraft Plus.

So TechKhala recommends:

  • Take backup before doing anything.
  • Take backup after installing a theme.
  • Test it first.

Visit Updraft Plus Website for further details.

Price: Free

Verdict :9/10.

Word fence

The next plugin is security plugin. This plugin safeguards against attacks and break-in using brute force in to your site. Word Press is not secure as Laravel or other development tools.

In short, the features of this plugin are:

  • Malware checking
  • Spam, bot block
  • Sends email about any security threats

Price: Free

Verdict :8/10


WordPress best Backup Plugin


This plugin has nothing to with math tutorial or teaching you how to do maths. It is best SEO plugin. That is Search engine Optimization Plugin. You need SEO and this plugin does for you. Now days SEO just concerns with Google Search engine and with this you should have a digital marketing strategy. For example, make Google business profile. The plugin is supposed no 1 rank SEO plugin the world. This what the owner website says.

This plugin has following features:

  • Easy to use Interface
  • AI generated content Suggestion
  • Built in Advanced SEO Analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Rank Tracker
  • Ranking keywords for Post
  • Article schema and other schemas.

So are  we using in any of our site.? Yes in foodie related site. DeliMoja.

Price: Free

Verdict :9.5/10.


This plugin is great for making contact forms. Also, advantages are that allows you track IP address of users submitting information to your site. But first you have to make users accept terms and conditions of your website. That includes that you are tracking their Ip and they have to accept it.

Owned by wpmudev. A free plugin for making contact forms. It can be downloaded from here.

Price: Free

Verdict :8/10.

The Pro can be seen from the site.

We have discussed  4 essential WordPress plugins that are kind of mandatory to install just after installation. Install them and you are relatively safe.

Below is a video on Updraft Plus.

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